Monday, October 20, 2008

Just Give Us Some Wood And We'll Build You A Cabinet

This may very well be the last blog that involves woodworking, at least for a while. We're almost done with this bookshelf project. I added some trim to the front of it earlier today, and Emily has stocked it full of Brenna toys and books. We decided to paint the wall behind it the same color to give the illusion of it having backing.

Here's a side view showing the trim on the sides.

And onto better things. Brenna went clogging the other day, here she is getting ready.

And here she is with her clogging skirt on, complete with patented smile (or gaping pie-hole, if you prefer). This has become her trademark expression.

See, I told you. Here she is donning her complete clogging ensemble (well, minus the clogs).

This weekend, while painting, Brenna got to talk to Grandma and Grandpa H. I had grandma on speaker for a while, but Brenna told me ever so politely, "no, I'm talking to grandma", and took the phone away from me.

And here we are deep in conversation. Head over to the Art Gallery for more pictures of Brenna painting, as well as the finished product(s).

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