Thursday, October 02, 2008

Misc. (And Then Some)

I'll eventually get back to posting pictures of the trip to Utah/Idaho. Although I'm guessing most of you are here for the Brenna.

Well, here you go.
We're still painting. Our living room and kitchen are almost finished. We're trying to wrap this all up before Brenna's birthday party on Saturday, which from this picture here, you're probably wondering how that's going to happen. Merry Maids? Anyway, we've taken a temporary shortcut in painting over our old surfboard wallpaper border, rather than pulling it down. That didn't turn out so hot, but it'll work for now. We also decided to pull the worthless cabinet over the refrigerator (that neither of us could reach without a ladder) off the wall. Apparently the geniouses that installed it used a hammer to find the studs in the wall, leaving about eight hammer head-sized holes behind. Something else to take care of, yippee.
We're going to eventually spray paint the wicker chairs in the foreground black, to match our entertainment unit, and I've been asked to build a cabinet for storage directly below the counter overhang that you see there on the short wall behind the wicker chairs. Interestingly enough, I learned at the lumber yard today that 1x4s are 5 1/2 inches wide, 1x6s are 7 1/2 wide, and 1x8s are 11 1/2 wide. That makes so much sense.

As if keeping up with a two year old wasn't enough, we've also decided to repaint our kitchen cabinets. Don't worry, we're going to put the doors back. The color reminds me of macadamia nuts, tasty.

Apparently now whenever I ask Brenna to smile for the camera, this is the reaction I'm guaranteed to get. Such a funny child.

Here I asked her to look shocked that I was taking yet another picture of her.

And finally, apparently appalled that I'm growing my beard out again (since that went so well last time), Brenna is disassociating herself from me. Don't worry kid, you'll have plenty of time to be embarrassed by me down the road as well, it doesn't get any better, I promise. And hey, it's supposed to be down in the 80s this weekend, I'll need that beard to keep my face warm.
I'm thrilled to see that our ad banner is now featuring links on how to become a park ranger. I might have to check that out as a career alternative. And please frequent our Hoes and Art Gallery blogs, I've finally posted a few new things there as well. Danke.

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