Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No Deliverance

It's amazing how much work one accomplishes when sitting around on call for work all night. I've imported dozens of albums into my iTunes library, have posted a blog (albeit a somewhat mindless one), organized more things in the new office/library, and have discovered that The Toadies have released a new album (yes, Emily, if I failed to mention this on Wednesday morning in my sleep deprived stupor, after seven years they've put out a new one, and it rawks!).

I have a few more random pictures to share from the Tom and Brenna photo session from a few days ago. I was attempting to get a pleasant picture of both of us looking at the camera and got everything but that. You basically get a good look at my dental work in all of the shots, and Brenna looking in every direction except at the camera.

I do like this one because we get something other than the open piehole expression that she's so fond of these days.

And this one is so ridiculous that I just had to share it. The only one where she's looking at the camera, and I capture one quarter of her face, and too much of mine.

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