Saturday, April 14, 2007


Better late than never, I suppose.

I've uploaded five videos tonight, each with it's own special little significance (after these, there's a new post with some stills of the carrot eating):

ONE - Brenna chatting with Emily in her crib, testing our her "ma" sounds. Once again filming was conducted in the dungeon.

TWO - Two in one, Brenna still in the dungeon, chatting AND grabbing her footies, transitioning into Brenna in her new high chair and eating on her binkie. Notice near the end of this video how she drops her binkie, and through the magic of (my horrible) video editing, it bounces back in her mouth, on it's own. Hmm, fascinating.

THREE - Brenna still in her high chair, playing catch daddy's hand, segueing into her first taste of rice cereal. This is the video to watch if you're wanting to see some slight gagging and interesting facial expressions from our daughter. Priceless.

FOUR - Brenna chuckling up a storm while mommy entertains her.

FIVE - Brenna tasting carrots for the first time.

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