Sunday, April 22, 2007


How's that for a creative header. I just finished posting a HUGE Hoes update (hint), so I'm about of ideas for tonight.

Below are a few new Brenna pictures from this weekend, including a few of her in pig tails. Yep, her eyes are still blue, and I don't think they can get much bluer, actually.

I would also be remiss if I don't mention that our church today voted on and approved a new pastor who came in and preached today. Very small world, he's coming from Scottsboro, AL, right up the road from where I lived before moving to AZ. If anything, it was very comforting this morning listening to someone with a southern accent, and reminded me ever so briefly of my time living back east. Living so far away from most of my family, I tend to grab hold of anything that reminds me of them, and this man did it for me.

He told a brief story during his sermon that stuck with me throughout the rest of my Sunday. To summarize, it was about a man who was about to become a lawyer, that saved another mans life by pushing him out of the road from an oncoming car. The soon-to-be lawyer was crippled severely in the injury and the other man went on to live his life as normal, which turned out to be one riddled with law breaking, debauchery, etc. The man who was pushed out of the road from oncoming traffic never gave this other man another thought.

In the end, this man was eventually arrested for murder, and during his trial he came to realize that the person presiding over his case, the judge, was that lawyer that had saved his life many years ago. Realizing this, the now defendant breathed a sigh of relief, thinking he would spared a severe sentence. The judge however showed no leniency, and sentenced him to life in prison without parole. The convicted yelled out at the judge "Don't you remember who I am, I'm the person who's life you saved those many years ago!". The judge's reply was, "Yes, I remember, and I've never forgotten you. Back then I was your savior, but today I'm your judge".

Anyway, I'm doing this story a horrible injustice trying to recount this story while listening to Montrose playing "Roll Over Beethoven", but the point of it was that Christ died for all our sins, in essence pushing us out of the street from that oncoming traffic, but the day will come when our time here on earth is through, that we will be judged, and if we lived our lives denying Him and deny Him when that final day comes, our sentence will be harsh. Believe and be faithful, and salvation and eternal life with Him is guaranteed.

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