Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Two For One, aka "I'm Sorry I Got Fat"

I have two pictures to share since the last update, the first one is me feeding Brenna carrot "sauce". Why didn't anyone tell me I was getting this large? Wow, little did anyone know that we're expecting our second child, and I'm carrying it! I hope what you see before you in this shot is from poor posture on my part and not the ill effects of too many Pop Tarts for breakfast.

Two Wesley Willis songs come to mind looking at this picture, "I'm Sorry I Got Fat", and "Slimming Down", both equally funny.

That's all you get for now, one new Brenna picture, and our daughter is dwarfed by my gut.

To save time in posting a separate Hoes blog, below is a yellow rose blooming on the north side of the house. We have a small hanging bottle that we put cut flowers in from time to time, I'm curious to see how long this bloom will survive at this point. The flower has a nice buttery type smell, if that makes sense.

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