Sunday, April 08, 2007

An Easter Post

Our little family has had a fun-filled weekend that wrapped up today at Emily's parents' house. Below are some pictures from this afternoon.

Be warned that a few of these pictures were taken by my wife, so I'm taking a little creative license here in my descriptions.

I believe in this first shot, sister Beth and father Ron are tracking down rogue carpenter bees, bent on ruining are afternoon in the yard. You would certainly think, though, from looking at this that they were watching an alien spacecraft landing in the neighbor's yard. Maybe in Roswell, NM, but I suppose not here.

Here's another action shot of the master hunter tracking his prey. Beth seems to be enjoying the manner in which he's tracking the carpenter bee.

The next shot doesn't need much explanation, just daddy and Brenna sitting in the yard enjoying the cool, cloudy afternoon.

A few more people join in for this picture, Emily's mom, aka Grandma Becky, and Rachel, Beth's daughter, Emily's niece, Brenna's cousin, friend to all, etc. Rachel is holding up an Easter egg from that afternoon's egg hunt (and/or one of many). Yet another holiday brought to you by Voivod, the greatest Canadian heavy metal band ever know to walk this Earth.

This picture goes out to my homeys on the east side, mad props and much love for Easter. Don't let the pastiness of my legs blind you, it's the new style.

Brenna is working out in a bouncie seat in this next shot. She revels in propping her feet in this seat, as well as others when she has the chance.

Finally, in this final shot, Beth seems spent from the day's festivities. Fun had by all, etc.

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SpartanWife said...

Wish I was there with you guys.... soon enough :-)