Sunday, April 01, 2007

Big Day At The Festival

Yesterday the three of us went out to the Renaissance Festival for a few hours to check things out, and visit Grandpa Ron, who's been working out there this season.
Brenna's already relaxed in this first picture and ready for a day of being pushed around and carried throughout the park.

Our first stop is at the Rialto Theatre, where Grandpa Ron is working, and where Emily has for numerous years before this one. Brenna is absolutely enthralled by the act on stage in this picture, Dextre's high wire act. She is seen here being held by Grandma Becky.

In this next shot, Brenna and I are staying out of the sun... sort of.

Brenna is seen here posing with a fairy of some sort. Definitely not of the Rainbow Coalition variety. Our little one is more interested in looking at the fairy than me.

In this shot, Brenna had confiscated my hat to chew on, and she and Emily are having a conversation about how absolutely filthy it is.

In this next shot, Brenna takes a moment to look at me, my hat still clutched in her hand.

Here's another shot of Brenna looking at the other people in the picture, instead of me. In this one Grandpa Ron is entertaining her.

Here is Dextre posing with Emily and Brenna, while Grandpa Ron mysteriously shows up in the background.

After a long day in sun (well, three hours), Brenna crashes in her jumperoo in this final shot. Fun was had by all!

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Grandma Becky said...

Wonderful pictures of one of the most beautiful babies ever.