Thursday, October 26, 2006

Why Do I Always Feel Like
(There's Somebody Watching Me)?

After watching a creepy episode of Celebrity Paranormal on VH1 (don't watch this show if you have weak bowels, kids), I find myself disinterested in going to sleep at the moment.

Another busy day at Casa de H, Emily went in for her first checkup since the delivery, everything is looking good, and she's already back to her pre-pregnancy weight, which she was ecstatic about. Brenna not only slept through this appointment, but us driving around to three Home Depot's and a Lowe's, in search of the apparently elusive Iris bulb (see my Addicted To Hoes blog for more gardening news)... my how my wife humors me sometimes. Oh yes, and we also stopped by Target on the way home. If gas was a dollar a gallon, I'd drive around town for hours if it lulled our precious child to sleep like it did today! Would you believe we both slept for over six hours last night?

In other non-Brenna related news, it's finally cooling off around here, barely reaching 80 degrees today, and we woke up this morning to 55, which was refreshing with the windows open (Emily might call it something else).

My working nearly every weekend (being on call, anyway) is finally coming to an end this Saturday, which excites me to no end. I'm supposed to go to Birmingham the middle of November for a celebration of sorts for the completion this 2 year project, but may stay behind if Emily is not ready to be left alone with Brenna.

Finally, for something completely random... back in October of 2003 (perhaps), Emily and I went to Tucson to see one of my favorite bands perform, Spoon. There is a picture of the band playing live someplace, and somewhere, on the inside cover of their latest release, "Gimme Fiction", and in that picture there are two people near the stage that look like us. Go to my Metal School blog to check out the picture and judge for yourself whether we were captured at this show at the Hotel Congress, or if these are our evil twins out plotting destruction of the free world. If this is in fact me, I don't look like I'm having a good time, although I am holding a t-shirt, and I recall buying one at this show (in addition to being given a free Miller High Life shirt while sitting at the bar there with Emily, funny since that was the first High Life I ever drank in my life).

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