Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Busy Week!

What a week Brenna and family have had! Grandma and Grandpa H came and spent some time visiting us, and we also saw Aunt Sue and Uncle Tom, and Melanie and Darrick! Wow!

Doesn't Melanie look like a natural? She's due in February with a boy, and we can't wait to see him! Darrick seems to be demonstrating how he killed a bear when when he was five (or was it three?). Thanks to Emily for capturing this classic moment in epic storytelling!

Brenna continues to struggle with tummy problems, but it comes and goes thankfully. We went two days in a row with little crying and lots of sleeping, and last night quite the opposite with non stop crying until 2am that's carried into today. We prefer to think of Brenna when she looks like this:

I'm back to work, at least during daytime hours, and am still working at night since sleeping is not really an option (well, I could try, but Emily may take offense at me leaving her with the baby duties all night, and I wouldn't do that to her).

Also, I'm sad to announce the retirement of our Acura Integra. After six and half years of faithful service (it's 14 years old) a number of repairs have presented themselves, totalling nearly four thousand dollars. Rather than giving the car away, we've opted for now to garage it, in hopes it might start raining money one day. In the meantime, we bought a 2007 Toyota Matrix as our primary around town car. Vroom!


Darrick & Melanie said...

That's the cutest baby picture ever, compared to every baby picture taken in the history of the world. That smile!

What on earth is Darrick doing? I was oblivious to him, for obvious reasons.

Tom & Emily said...

Good question, he's demonstrating how to gut a fish perhaps? He's into whatever he's talking about, you have to hand him that.

Thanks again for coming up and for the fantastic car seat gadget. We're discovering VERY quickly that the car is the ultimate soother.

- Tom