Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Brenna At Home

Brenna is settling in nicely at home, although she's having some digestive issues that keep her (and mom and dad) up all night. Emily's sister and mom have been a huge help in watching her while the two of us catch a few hours sleep here and there.

Tomorrow we're taking her to her first pediatrician's appointment, and the rest of the week we'll be hanging out at home!

More pictures of Brenna have been added to the Photos link to the right, including some of her leaving the hospital to come home.


SpartanWife said...

Emily and Tom I am so happy for the two of you! I just can't believe Em is a Mommy! That is so wonderful :-)

Love, Jenny, Tommy and kiddoes

Christine said...

She is adorable!

Andrea said...

Beautiful once again little cousin you're awesome, and so very healthy, The Lord really answered all of our prayers and Tom and Em you did an awesome job!! Love ya