Sunday, October 08, 2006

Announcing The Arrival Of
Brenna Elizabeth

(aka A Funny Thing Happened On
The Way To Burger King)

Brenna Elizabeth was born on Saturday, October 7th at 12:28pm via C-Section. She weighed in at 8 lbs, 2 ounces, and was 21 1/2 inches long.

On Friday morning, after going with Emily to see her doctor, the two of us and Emily's mom were planning on going to Burger King for lunch. While sitting in Emily's sisters van, talking to a customer on my cell phone, Emily announced to her mom that her water broke. We headed to the hospital and checked in at around 1pm Friday afternoon (actually more like 3 or 4pm, the waiting room was overflowing with pregnant people).

Emily bravely labored, medication free, until 4am Saturday morning, when it was determined she was not progressing past 4cm, and she'd either need to be induced via Potassin (sp?) or be scheduled for a C-section. Emily wisely opted for the C-section and at 12:28pm that afternoon, Brenna arrived.

As it would turn out, her doctor advised us afterwards that Brenna's cord was not only wrapped around her neck at delivery, but the cord was in a knot. Had she chosen to be induced further via the Potassin, we can only cringe at what could possibly have been the outcome for this delivery. We're both thankful that Emily left her God-complex ex-doctor for one that was willing for Emily to make her own decisions, on her own schedule, rather than us having to cater to someone's golf plans.

Because uploading pictures here is tedious, I'm posting more Brenna pictures in the photo link in the right margin (header of More Photos, below the Links), once we're officially home with baby (Emily will probably not be released until Monday or Tuesday, although her recovery is going very well).

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Tom and Emily! We are so happy for the three of you! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!! It was such a pleasure meeting you at our Bradley classes! Best of luck always!

:) Jim and Emily Rana