Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Brenna's First Visit To The Doctor

We strapped Brenna in today and took her to the doctor for her first appointment. She weighed in at 7 lbs and 11 ozs, which we're told is normal for a baby to lose a bit of weight the first week out of mama's tummy.

Brenna has spent most of today sleeping on our bellys. She's still keeping us up most of the night with gassy problems, but we're thinking that will be settling down pretty soon, and each night is getting a little better. She only cries when she has good reason, which we're appreciative of.

I'll continue to post here on a fairly regular basis, until I got back to work the week of the 23rd (I'm actually still working late at night when sleep isn't an option).


Laura Roe said...

Tom you are a natural! She is soo beautiful! I am so thankful that everything turned out and that Emily had her true mother's instinct as to know what to do. Welcome Brenna!!!

Anonymous said...

That baby is absolutely adorable!!! Congratulations to you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

That comment from anonymous is really me......Jeani!

Andrea said...

my little cousin is beautiful!!!!!!!!! Tom you look good too:)