Monday, October 02, 2006

Completion? Well, Close
aka The Longest Blog Ever

Brenna's room is almost finished, lots of pictures to follow. The only thing that remains (I think) is the spread for the bed. I hung a mirror in there today, my lone contribution since painting the glider. Oh yeah, and I vacuumed the floor.

Emily's visit to her new doctor this past Friday went well, her next visit is this upcoming Friday. We heard about this doctor through our birthing classes... a couple with a new born experienced the same resistance from their doctor regarding natural childbirth, and switched to this lady with a few weeks before giving birth. Emily seems relieved that our birth plan was well received, and she can rest easy that there will be no more scary encounters with Doctor Hairy Big Hands. We can all sleep at night now, knowing this.

Next update will come this Friday, assuming Emily doesn't go into labor between now and her next appointment. This Saturday is 40 weeks, and her "due date", for whatever that's worth. I think her stomach has reached critical mass at this point, and she's indicated that Brenna seems to be riding lower in the saddle these days.

As for me, I'm getting as much work done this week as I can, fully realizing this may be the last one for a while. I have 12 days vacation left this year, and am planning on using 9 or those for after Brenna is born and while my parents are here visiting, and will be saving the last 3 for Christmas time. As the Beck song goes, "I guess I'm doing fine".

While it may look like a stroke of genius that the ceiling appears to have clouds dotted across it, this was a result of my sheer laziness in not finishing the second coat of paint. I think it worked out pretty well, whether it was our plan or not.

My only complaint with this room is that the toys are all so high on the shelves they're hard for me to get down and play with. All moronic comments aside, I like having this spare bed in the room, for times when Brenna needs overnight company. We got a new mattress for this frame, so it seems to sleep much better now.

We had already painted this piece of funiture a while ago, so that was a time saver. More nifty animals suspended overhead, the sea horses and other sea creatures were made for this years Vacation Bible School, and Emily stole these from the church for Brenna's room. J/K, of course, she and her mom made these and are the rightful owners... really.

I promise this is the last Lilo and Stitch mural picture. Emily is finished with this masterpiece and we're very proud of her!

After four attempts, this picture finally uploaded, courtesy of Blogger. Thanks Blogger for doing what I haven't paid for. Can't be too ungrateful here, but I agree with my cousin Christine, who jumped ship for another blog site, sometimes uploading pictures here takes an act of Congress. I was starting to think Brenna might be in grade school before I finish this post. I had to show off here my final contribution to this room, the aforementioned painted glider, which Emily's parents bought her some time ago.

Brenna's in high school now... seriously, I've been working on this blog for almost the entire Beck's "Sea Change" album, 55 minutes worth. BTW, if you're into Beck doing his best Jim Croce impression, this is the CD to own, anyway I'll save that for my Metal School blog, for those of you keeping score.

Anyway, this is the final picture, Emily's last creation in Brenna's room, a surfboard/height chart, pretty cool.

My apologies for any spelling errors, at this point in the post, I'm just glad to be finished!

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Christine said...

Wow, Brenna really waited until her room was done...I can't believe it! It looks great!