Monday, August 30, 2010

B Is For Brenna

Brenna wrapped up her second week of school last week, and is still enjoying it very much.

Below is a picture of her latest projects, celebrating the letter B, a personal favorite of hers, for obvious reasons. As you can probably also tell, circles have been the recent shape of choice in class, and you can see below how much better she's getting at writing her name, now that she's receiving some professional guidance.

This is a recent water color that she did at church. I like this one so much I'm going to frame it. Perhaps I'm biased, but this is just as good as the artwork on Robert Plant's "Shaken And Stirred" album from the mid-80's. I think it should be vertical, from where her name is (not pictured), but I like it configured this way just the same.

First the crafts, then the girl.
Here's a random shot of her sitting on the couch in her long-sleeved pj's (because it gets so cold around here in late August), watching one of her favorites on Nick Jr.

Here she is enjoying some finger painting in her old high chair.

And finally some war paint, er, make up that she allowed me to put on her the other night. Sorry, no pictures of the job she did on me. How convenient.

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grandma becky said...

Even with that make up job, she is such a beautiful child. Great art work, too!