Monday, August 09, 2010

The Brenna And Rachel Show

Cousin/niece Rachel spent the better part of the weekend with us, and we were all tickled, particularly Brenna, who is very fond of her (not that we aren't).

Below are some of the highlights of the shenanigans.
On one of the two evenings that Rachel was with us, there was a makeup party. Blue Man Group, eat your heart(s) out, you've got nothing on these two. Brenna is so deliberate with her makeup application, it's pretty amazing, I should think, for a child her age. She made for certain that every square inch of Rachel's face was covered with something.

We were blessed Saturday morning with clouds and a little drizzle. What a great opportunity to use our pass to the Arboretum, which Rachel has been wanting to go back to for quite a while. Should you be interested in seeing more pictures of the plants, why don't you mosey over to the Hoes blog for a spell.
Here we are hiking a trail (at Brenna's suggestion) that I don't believe we've ever been on before. Of course, the one in the stroller had it easy.
Kuddos, by the way, to the wife and myself for having now lost thirty pounds this year between us. Emily is getting so thin she disappears behind the stroller!

Here are two misfires from lunch at the Arboretum. The first one capturing Rachel in what looks like a mid-sneeze, and the second one with Brenna smiling at her sandwich. Hmm, turkey and cheeeese.

Thumbs up, indeed, Rachel, thumbs up.

Admission to the Arboretum: Free
Lunch at said Arboretum: Twelve dollars
Capturing the ultimate "I'm humoring you, daddy" picture of the small child: Priceless.

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