Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today was, well, interesting. Brenna has some two year molars that are bowing up on her something fierce, and despite her bravery about the whole thing, there have been periodic bouts of belligerence, short naps, runny noses, and short tempers. She seems to be feeling better tonight, so here's hoping Sunday is a smidge more pleasant.

Here are a few new pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Brenna dubbed this Plah Doh creation her tall sea ship. She was watching Peter Pan while she was working on this. Made me think of pancakes, personally.

Tonight, in an effort so soothe the savage beast, Emily broke out the big guns, makeup and jewelry. Brenna was very pleased.

And finally, when asked what she was doing here, she told us that she was giving Emily another tattoo. Way cool.
More pictures coming soon to the Hoes blog, with it pushing 90 degrees here, the yard is very much alive.

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