Monday, February 16, 2009

Brenna Mega-Post

In an effort to make up for the lack of posts here recently, I present to you a mega-post of Brenna doing various things, including:
- Opening her Valnetine's Day gifts from Grandma and Grandpa H. She's very pleased with these, and we've already been using them in our yard and Grandma Becky's

- This past weekend I got Grandma Becky's garden ready for spring planting, and here's a shot of Brenna inspecting the rows to make sure they're the correct width and depth. She was very thorough with her inspection, walking back and forth along the rows until she was satisfied with what I had done.

- Here she is with cousin Rachel, preparing to plant seeds in the rows. She was very helpful in pushing the seeds into the hills and patting them down with the shovel she's holding here.

- In a totally unrelated note, here you'll find Brenna playing with her gumballs in her high chair. In the first shot she's marvelling at a bingo ball we found under the couch from our Christmas party. It takes very little to amuse this child.

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