Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day In The Mines

While Emily was off at the Renassiance Festival, Brenna and I went with Aunt Beth, Uncle John, Aunt Tansy, Grandma and Grandpa, and cousin Rachael, to the AZ Dept Of Mines And Mineral Resources (that's what the sign said). It was a pretty fascinating place, and Brenna thoroughly enjoyed everything she took in.
A few highlights of the day:

Taking in the giant tire at the entrance (not pictured here was a huge scoop off a front end loader of some such, that was at least ten feet tall).

Walking down one of many hallways, checking stuff out.

Mugging for me while playing at one of the many children's exhibits.

Making a free bracelet out of provided minerals with Aunt Beth. Here Brenna is showing off what she made with her very nimble little fingers.

And finally, savoring some chocolate in the parking lot before crashing in the car for a nap on the way home.
Stay tuned for a future post comprising primarily of pictures taken by Brenna while she was in possession of the camera (and unwilling to give it up).

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