Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Me Again

Two blogs in three days, what do I win? Honestly, it's been a while since I've managed this, but Brenna is happily watching some Disney movie on TV, and Emily is making a scarf, so I have a few minutes to post these pictures.

Last night Emily was off downtown answering questions for two hours about power (electricity), eating free food, and making $150 for her trouble. She ended up on this short list of participants through the church, and has giddily taken SRP (our local power company)'s money every time they've offered up one of these survey roundtable thingies. I was watching Brenna while she was away, and here are some shots from that merry time.

Brenna looks very happy here, preparing to scoot across the room and whack me with her backpack. She's gotten very good at peddling around with her feet, and takes no time catching up to me and pummeling me. Grrr.

Here's a somewhat more pleasant shot of her preparing to beat me severely.

We're sporting a bit of a shiner in this one. I bought her some new tennies I found at Ross last weekend, and she immediately broke them in by stumbling and falling on her face. But as she would say, "I'm alright".

And finally, a few more pleasant shots of her checking out her backpack, and commenting that there's nothing in it.
I'm preparing to post some new yard pictures, so check out the Hoes blog if you care to!

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