Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Noble Experiment

I love how I mention Brenna's diaper one time on this blog and now our toolbar at the top is pitching adult diapers. Man, go figure.

Ok, let's try this.

I love llamas. Llamas are so cool. I wouldn't want to eat a llama, I bet they're gamey. Llama's look docile but I hear if you tick them off they'll hiss and spit at you. Llama llama llama llama.

There, if any of you are in the market for a llama, don't fret, there should be a link to a llama farm via our toolbar tomorrow.

Well, I'm stranded again, if I had been psychic I would have flown to Sacramento a day early and trained this credit union while I waited for some files to balance their card activity. Instead I flew in on Wednesday and have spent the last two days trying to reconcile their accounting, and I've yet to train their staff on much of anything. So, as if reliving the glories of last September in Colorado, I'm going to be here through Monday now instead of flying home on Friday night. It seems Labor Day for me really means laboring.

This revelation leaves me with the following chores tomorrow:

- Extending my hotel stay on my way out the door tomorrow
- Calling Southwest to reschedule my return flight home
- Calling Alamo to extend my rental car
- Going to the mall here tomorrow to buy a pair of shorts, some sandels and maybe another t-shirt because all I brought with me to wear were three days worth of work outfits
- Washing my work clothes here at the hotel after work tomorrow

Colorado was a smidge different because Emily and Brenna were with me, and we drove rather than flying. Boy that eliminated so many headaches with our being marrooned on that trip.

So, the next question is what in the world am I going to do over this weekend? Perhaps try and visit my Aunt in Oakland? Perhaps she's reading this, nothing like dropping in on someone when they have absolutely no notice. Either way, I haven't been to the Bay Area in 23 years, so that should be a hoot, I suppose.

This may be also a nifty opportunity to watch the opening Sunday of the NFL season, although I doubt my prefered game of choice (the mighty Falcons) won't be covered here by a long shot. Go Chargers and Raiders, I'm guessing, or perhaps the 49ers, I'm so in the fog on this season I have no idea who's playing whom this Sunday. I caught four snaps of the Giants game in the lobby on the way to dinner tonight and that was by far the highlight of my trip here so far (and that's pretty bad since I hate the Giants and the Redskins).

You have to imagine the fun Emily and Brenna are having together while I'm gone, I have no way of uploading any pictures while I'm gone. If Emily emails me anything, I'll be sure to add that to my busy weekend plans, so you don't have to deal with any more of my rambling. This is what happens when I've drank a double shot espresso and an energy drink at the same time.

We carry on....


Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

Sure enough, there's an ad about feeding your llama hemp seeds. *insert stoner joke here*

Can't wait to see you!

-Em and Brenna

Sue said...

I bet Deede was thrilled to have you. We invaded her space a weekend ago to see the Twins lose 2 out of 4 to the hapless athletics.