Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ghosts In Unit 114?

Here are a few pictures of my parents and I arriving in Eden, a cozy little mountain town just east of Ogden.
Entering the canyon, here is a drive-by picture of Rainbow Falls.

Here is a shot of fog settling over the lake in the valley where Eden and it's neighoring town of Huntsville are located. This was the view off the back porch of the timeshare.

As we drove into the valley, we were greeted by numerous rainbows, this being one of them.

Here is a shot of the loft in the timeshare from downstairs. That's my dad there in the corner. The first night I slept downstairs on a single bed with a loose headboard. Every time I rolled over that night the headboard knocked pretty loudly against the wall, and every time this happened I could hear a fainter knocking coming from the other side of the wall, almost as if answering me. I assumed at the time that perhaps that wall was shared with the next door unit, and that my rolling over was waking the neighbors up, and they were in turn rolling over in their similary rickety bed. That following morning I looked outside the bedroom window to see if someone was parked in the unit 114 parking spot, to confirm my suspicions. There was no one parked there, and no one was parked there the remainder of the four days I was there. Slightly creepy, no? Needless to say I slept upstairs the rest of the time I was there.

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