Monday, September 29, 2008

Mother Of All Zoo Visits

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Yesterday morning we took Brenna to the zoo, as Emily had heard through the grapevine that Diego was going to be there, live and in the cloth.
We started off looking at the giraffes in the African Savanna exhibit.

They have a neat tower that you can climb to see the giraffes at their level, and Brenna insisted on doing that. Here is a shot of Brenna looking through the netting at the top.

And here she and Emily are coming back down the stairs. Brenna went pretty much on her own unless Emily saw that people were backing up behind her waiting to get through.

There was also a Fisher-Price exhibit there with oodles of toys for the kiddos to play with. Brenna was in heaven for a brief moment, can you tell from her expression?

And finally, the reason we were there to begin with, the epic meeting with Diego. We were worried that Brenna would either be extremely excited to meet him, or would be traumatized for life and never want to see another Diego video again. Thankfully the encounter went very well. Here you'll see Brenna slowly approaching her hero (decked out in her swim suit from playing on the splash pads earlier).

And here she is posing with Diego, and pointing at me while I'm taking her picture.

After meeting him, Brenna insisted on hanging around and watching him meet other children. We probably spent 15 minutes doing this before she was ready to go. We tried to go back through the line to see him again later (per request), but were told that Diego was taking an hour break, no doubt sitting in a bucket of ice to cool off from standing in our 100 degree heat in that outfit.

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Melissa Spence said...

Ah so cute, Brenna with Diego.