Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sucker In A Three Piece

A week removed from the death of our favorite dog, and we're muddling along. Little things continue to come up where we notice him not being here, but it's getting easier as the days pass. One thing we're working on to move forward is replacing the two sections of carpet in the house that have permadog stains on them. We're hustling to repaint our bedroom in advance of that installation coming up this weekend. We've also consigned our huge Bruce Lee unit (curious, scroll back through the archives if you don't know what I'm referring to), and purchased Emily a smaller one to make way for the king size bed we're going to be cramming in that room as well. In the end, a complete and much needed over haul of our bedroom. I'll post some pictures as we near completion of this project.

Another renovation will be underway outside sometime this spring. We'll be tearing down our arbor off the back porch that I build about four years ago, and replacing it with a steel arbor that we bought at Target a few days ago. It should clamp right on top of the deck, which is still in good shape, so we're looking forward to that change.

Onto things Brenna-like. Our little girl is still teething like crazy, and is having some rough nights, but we're getting through it. Her vocabulary is astonishing, and she has now moved on to Dora The Explorer as her favorite TV program. We're almost to the point of being able to run through the house at will, which has us worried, but she seems to be steady on her meaty little thighs.

In order to appease the nasty beast when trimming her finger nails, Emily gives her a sucker. Below are a few shots of her enjoying her treat after the bludgeoning.

This shot rocks and is one of my favorites of hers. For whatever reason, this picture reminds me of a picture of Kojak that I remember from the cover of a TV Guide when I was a wee little lad. Shave Brenna's head and you've got Telly Savalas, I'm telling you (except he wouldn't be caught in a one piece pajama suit with bunnies on it... or WOULD he?).

This past weekend we borrowed Rachel to help watch Brenna while Emily put up a new Hawaiian valance in the living room (LOTS of projects we're tackling). Here the two are enjoying a rousing rendition of Row, Row Your Boat on the ivories.

And finally, a pleasing picture of the two taking a break from playing.

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