Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My First Mile

Today's blog is all about me. Not Brenna, not Emily, just me. For those of you not interested in me, I invite you to move along to something else more to your liking.

For those of you curious how a non-Brenna related post might go, please stick around, it might get interesting (or not, you be the judge).

As you may recall, a few months back we bought a treadmill that's been collecting dust in our garage. One of our New Years resolutions was to actually use it, and starting a few days back Emily and I did just that.

Today I took my treadmilling to the next level. In addition to walking my normal two miles, I got a wild hair and decided to crank the speed up to "slow trot" and proceeded at this level for an entire additional mile. I have to admit that the first quarter mile was painful, but after a while my legs stopped screaming in agony and I actually powered through the end of that mile with plenty of wind to spare.

What was my time for this earth shattering and momentous occasion? Fourteen minutes and thirty five seconds. Thank you very much. I'll be qualifying for the Olympics in the coming weeks. See you in China.

Now that wasn't too painful, was it?

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