Sunday, January 20, 2008

Midnight Confessions Never Heal The Soul

Another weekend, another late night working for "the man". Seriously, though, despite the ungodly hour, I find that I get the most done when Emily and Brenna are in snoozy land. Not to say I don't thoroughly enjoy my time with them when they're awake, but some me time is good also, and I'm sure Emily would agree when the shoe is on the other foot.

But I digress.
Brenna has had a pretty nasty cold the majority of the week, highlighted by us driving over an hour in the car two nights in a row to get her to sleep. We found out she doesn't have an ear infection, so that's one positive, but the coughing and runny nose have been pretty rough. Both Emily and I have been fighting off catching whatever she has, which is difficult when she's in our faces looking for comfort (which we don't mind offering, of course). I think what's helped me from catching it is running on the treadmill (I've gotten my mile down to a whopping 12:32, working on ten minutes by the end of the month, God willing).

For these reasons I haven't been taking any pictures, until tonight. Brenna is feeling much better now, despite still having a runny nose and a loose cough. Below are some pictures of her sitting with Emily, doing, well, stuff.

Emily found some neato picture cue cards at Ross this afternoon for two bucks. Brenna seems to enjoy them, after this picture was taken, she was licking the watermelon card and making yummy sounds. To my knowledge she's never had watermelon before, ah, the power of persuasion. Well, and she was also licking a picture that had ice skates on them (although not saying yummy to that one), so you can draw your own conclusion.

Here I believe Brenna was practicing her animal sounds with Emily. I think this was a bumble bee buzzing.

In this one she was singing or yelling along to something on TV, probably that annoying commercial selling the "Perfect Push Up". BTW, if the promise of having perfect abs in 60 days is too much to pass up, save your money and buy this thing at Wal Mart, they have it there for half the price they're asking on the commercial.

Looking at more cue cards here.

Here Brenna is watching TV and laying on Emily while she reads a book. Brenna is in the habit these days of wanting to lay across my throat while she's asleep in the bed with us, again, a comfort thing that has started since she's been sick. Flattering, yes, hard to breathe with 25 squirming pounds laying across your windpipe, yes.

I think this picture was actually of Brenna laying sideways on the bed being silly, but it's 2 in the morning and I'm too lazy to fix this. Use your imagination and chuckle to yourself just the same, please.

I wish I could claim that title in this blog as my own, but alas I've ripped it off from a Black Sabbath song from their fantastic Dehumanizer album (turn away now if you were here only for the Brenna pictures). I've never been a huge fan of Ozzy Osborne, despite many attempts to let him grow on me (that statement makes him sound like a tumor). This Sabbath album features his replacement Ronnie James Dio on vocals; for my money that little Keebler elf sings the pants off Ozzy and I'd dare anyone to say otherwise. I wish I had managed to find the time and money to catch them when they came through town last year, phooey.
This is about the most abrupt ending to a blog I could possible conceive.


Anonymous said...

Heaven and Hell aka Black Sabbath are writing another album together so you may get your chance to see them yet!

Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

Thank you whomever you are, I'm glad someone appreciated my Keebler elf comment and that it wasn't simply in vain!