Monday, January 07, 2008

No One Is Safe

Nothing says January like more Christmas pictures. I have stumbled upon yet more shots to upload from the holiday that refuses to die.
Well actually, this first picture is of the aftermath. Brenna is digging a singing stage thingy that Aunt Beth and Uncle John got her. The one we actually got from them wouldn't work for some reason, even with new batteries (I love those cheapo ones that come with things like this, like Rayco and Battcom brand, high quality stuff). After standing in line at Wal Mart for about 30 minutes, I got this one returned and we bought another one in a separate trip (what's up with 15 people in line returning crap on the 5th day of January?).
The next two pictures are of another Christmas get together, one that I gracefully bowed out of for reasons unknown (to anyone but myself, perhaps).
Brenna appears to be checking out a new toy she got while Grandma Becky assists.

In this shot, realizing that she was being photographed, Grandma Becky donned her sunglasses. I'm thinking perhaps she's in the Witness Protection Program, although by me divulging her true identity here, that may have ruined that altogether. The hairy melon in the foreground I'm guessing might be nephew Tyler, but I'm not an expert at reading the backs of hairy melons (although I considered minoring in it in college for a brief time before I took up archery and basket weaving).

Ah, I just love candid pictures. Sometimes the people in the background are more interesting than the actual subject. I don't know who was more excited about Brenna getting this cool gift, her or Grandpa Ron.

We took Brenna around the neighborhood in this little push mobile on Saturday while the weather was nice, and had to drag her kicking and screaming out of it. I think we've found a way finally to get some exercise while keeping her occupied at the same time. We learned, however, that you have to be careful to run over some rocks and other obstacles along the way to keep it interesting for her. Our daredevil daughter yawns in the face of a smooth ride. The baby pictured here was in tow the entire ride.

Here's a nice picture of Brenna opening one of her many, many, many presents. Her hair continues to get longer by the day/minute. She's sporting her Monkey's hairdo here.

And finally, another daddy looks goofy shot for everyone to enjoy.

And finally, those that are following our new blog, I've uploaded a few more Brenna drawings.
I just love working these late nights, I have four projects going live this Monday morning, one I took care of at midnight, two more roll in at 2am Central Time, and the other is pending sometime later on in the morning.
I'm one cappuccino in, and expect to empty two more of those 9 oz bottles of yummy goodness before the sun comes up. I'm powered at the moment by Exodus' live masterpiece "Another Lesson In Violence", fronted by Russian powerhouse vocalist Paul Baloff, how passed away a few years ago, ironically collapsing riding his bike, trying to get into better shape.
Some of my favorite Baloffisms from this gem of an album:
"Why do you have to be so heavy?" - A phrase I jokingly use waaay too often when picking Brenna up. This might be the least bit funny to Emily if I could convince her to listen to this, but she's not a fan of the thrash metal. Ah, the pity. But I don't read much, so I guess we're even.
"Talk minus action equals nothing" - A fairly philosophical statement coming from a guy that looked like Sideshow Bob. One of my favorite lines from a metal song (my second being "Life can only be understood in reverse", from Dave Mustaine).
"Make some noise, I want my dead grandmother to roll over in her grave and say 'My God Paul, you did nothing with your life'"

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