Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Final Look

I promise this is the last Christmas related post. It's time to lay that holiday to rest and move on, I suppose.

Below is a shot of the three of us at the Choo Choo in Chattanooga. There aren't many pictures of the three of us, so I enjoy everyone that we can get made.

Here I am with Brenna inside the lobby of the hotel, heading to the bar for a smoke and a drink.

Here is Grandpa Ron waving from one of the sleeper coaches outside the hotel. Despite his best efforts, he was unable to get much of a view inside the room.

Grandma Becky indicated that all of the picture I had posted of her so far were not flattering, perhaps this one is a little better in her eyes. Here she is at the Aquarium in the shark and stingray exhibit area.

Here I am with biological mom Sheila, and half-brothers Ryan and Brett, in Conyers during our visit with our extended family.

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Grandma Becky said...

The only pictures of me that I like don't actually look like me. The new one still looks like me; therefore, I don't like it. But it is better than the other one.