Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Two Pictures And A Lot Of Rambling

You may think after reading this blog that it wasn't worth all of my rambling for two pictures, much less only one of our daughter. I feel obligated to make up for the last three or four blogs where all I've done is posted pictures and videos and a three word heading to the whole thing, with no explanation of what you're looking at, and/or what's been going on in our world.

Well, today is your lucky day, I'm no longer feeling that poorly (see, I bet you didn't even know I've been sick the past week or so) and am putting off going to the grocery store, so settle in and stay a while.

We've had a rather eventful last few weeks since I took time to type much. Brenna's grandparents from Georgia visited for a while, and during that time the three of us (myself and them) took a number of day trips, including:

- Case Grande Ruins - Where we saw two great horned owls in the ceiling of the ruins cover, cleaning themselves and hooting to each other. What a grand site, and what a pity that this was one of those trips I didn't bother bringing a camera.

- Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior - A nice morning for a stroll through the gardens, as it were.

- Lynx Lake in Prescott - We saw there what appeared to be a bald eagle circling the lake, searching for lunch. This time I had my camera, but was nowhere near the action to take a picture. Here's a shot for your viewing pleasure.

(Yes, but where's Brenna, you're thinking....)

Well, here you go, a picture of Brenna wearing a birthday outfit from cousin Jenny. The shoes are about a foot too long (well, maybe not that much), but we're sure she's going to grow into them.

In other random news:

- I stubbed my toe horribly on a chair and it still hurts two weeks later if I stand on it funny. Methinks it was broken and isn't healing because I keep putting weight on it.

- We bought a treadmill that's sitting in the garage collecting dust. Since installing it, Brenna has been sick with an ear infection and a stomach bug, which I took off her hands this past Friday. Between that and the aforementioned toe atrocity, no one has christened that machine as yet.

- Halloween candy is the spawn of the devil. I've single handedly eaten two thirds of a bag of Nestles Crunch bars in the last two days. Granted I probably lost five pounds this past Friday (see above and do the math), but replacing it with pure choclately goodness is probably not the best route to go.

- Emily and I are converting our entire CD collections to MP3s and storing them on this neato Western Digital 1TB hard drive that's about the size of a paperback book. We're hoping to buy some things for around the house with the proceeds (once the drive is paid off, of course). I'm in the B's at this point (my gosh this is going to take forever).

- Speaking of B's, David Bowie just rocks, pure and simple. After ripping about twelve discs of his material, from the beginning of his career to his last few albums, I can't decide what era I prefer. Queen Bitch is just the best song ever, and if you've ever seen the movie Life Aquatic, it's chopped full of Bowie goodness, including that delightful tune. What has this man NOT done musically during his life.

And here is your reward for wading through all of this. Emily created a wickedly cool montage video of Brenna's first year on this earth, and has posted it online via the following URL. If you have about ten minutes to spare and like listening to some cool daughter/parent related music in the meantime, this is for YOU! Enjoy!



Christine said...

Yikes - I hope you continue feeling better!

And the slideshow definitely fulfilled the Brenna pictures quota - I loved it!

Anonymous said...

This was wonderfully made! Made me cry, was so sweet :-) Em you are a beautiful Mommy and I am so proud of you! Tom you are a sweet and tender Daddy, the best kind to be :-) Love you cousins and I am so glad to see the blessings God has given to you two! Love cousin Jenny

Darrick & Melanie said...

That montage is really cool. I keep getting used to the new photos and how she looks that I forget how tiny she was! And that Don King hair. Great to see everything one after the other. Yea, Brenna!