Monday, October 01, 2007

Goofin' Around

Wow, is it Monday already again?

Below are a few pictures of Brenna from this weekend. She's now trucking around on her little legs at will, crossing rooms before sitting down from exhaustion. To wear her out before bedtime, we're now sitting at the opposite ends of a room and letting her motor in between the two of us until he can't do it any longer. Works pretty well except when her teeth are bothering her. Emily is guessing she has at least three or four molars that are trying to come in, and I would agree from watching Brenna stuff her entire hand in her mouth, chewing on her fingers.

We have some videos to share that I'll upload pretty soon, including Brenna walking, Brenna dancing to Frank Black, aka Black Francis of Pixies fame, and Brenna brushing her teeth before bedtime. What a hoot this little girl is!

On a totally different note, I'm almost finished with grouting the flagstone joints in our back yard (after five months) and just recently replaced our kitchen sink, pictured at the bottom of this post. Our old sink was corroded chrome, and the faucet was leaking pretty badly. What a chore this was, but with Emily's help, I think we finally got it finished!


Anonymous said...


I'm really impressed with your mechanical abilities. I don't believe your mother would even try that! Of course your Aunt Sue would & probably has!!


Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

Thanks, I had a bit of an issue after I was done where the dishwasher wasn't working and the garbage disposal was permanently on, but I figured out I had the outlet plugs mixed up. It was a very educational (and not the least bit exasperating) experience.