Thursday, October 25, 2007


(Editor's Note: A new garden blog is ripe for the picking, har har, regarding jujubes)

We were in a bit of a mood tonight. Perhaps the lack of good nap times today contributed to the following pictures.

The thought was to capture Brenna in a cute new outfit, looking precious and whatnot. The following is what we ended up with instead. Entertaining, nonetheless, but not what we bargained for.

This first shot is the I'm-going-to-come-at-daddy-like-a-spider-monkey-pose. I managed to get out of the way without getting my eyes gouged out.

Methinks some sore teeth may have also been a factor, as well. Here is another cutesy pose, we look very happy here to still have a camera man sitting in our way.

And finally, a pleasant picture of our daughter enjoying a good book, and not minding at all being interrupted by the flash of a camera.

Happy Friday to come, everyone!

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