Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Brenna At The Fair (aka More Attitude)

This past Saturday we spent a few hours at the Arizona State Fair, what an adventure that was. All in all Brenna did very well, and enjoyed the music and sights. She was also struggling with teeth issues and got tired after a while, but here are a few pictures of that afternoon.

The idea behind this first picture was to get Emily and Brenna in front of the largest travelling ferris wheel in the US. Unfortunately for them to show up in the picture, they needed to be in the sun, so they're both squinting merrily at the camera in this one.

Here is more of the ginormous ferris wheel. You couldn't pay me enough to ride that thing, although I bet I could have seen our house from the top of it, that could have been cool.

Here's Brenna not looking at the camera again. She's sitting next to some smelly sheep. Fun had by all. My allergies loved it.

Here we are in the Game & Fish exhibit, lots of dead, stuffed animals for your viewing pleasure. Brenna was busy looking at something, we'll pretend it was Abraham Lincoln and that talking beaver from those sleeping pill commercials. I see those guys all the time, myself.

Ah, here we are eating twenty dollar BBQ and listening to really loud, distorted country music. The expression on my face says it all, I think. Brenna is being pleasant in her stroller, she had a nice meal of apple sauce and some cheese doodles with her Grandma, who's pictured here looking at the fair program.

I have a million other Brenna pictures to cull through that Emily has taken lately, stay tuned!

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Darrick & Melanie said...

Good times! But sorry about the country music. Distorted country--oxymoron?