Sunday, November 05, 2006

Weekend Of Adventure!

What a fun time we had this weekend! Grandma Sheila came to visit, and we all went (including Grandma Becky, not pictured, sorry!) to the Arboretum in Superior... Brenna's first big day out! She did very well, we managed to walk around a decent amount before she demanded to be fed lunch. All in all, good times, good times.

Pictures for your viewing pleasure, including Brenna in a 3 month moo-cow outfit (not pictured, but she's watching her sheep mobile intently), which she wore to Superior, and Sheila holding the wee little one.

Here we are, our first big trip out, the three of us!


SpartanWife said...

You guys look so darn cute! Em you look great, all the baby weight gone! I am so happy for you guys and the scenery makes me miss Arizona, I can almost smell the mesquite mmmm Love you, Jen

Tom & Emily said...

Thanks!! Lugging around a big baby wiull do that for ya. She's now helping me lose the excess I had before she came along. :-) Hope you and yours are doing ya cousin!