Sunday, November 19, 2006

Long Weekend

We started this weekend off on Friday, taking Brenna to her first national park, the Casa Grande Ruins, about an hour south of here. She slept all the way there, slept throughout our short tour of the ruins (have been there once before last November) and all the way to Florence before we had to stop to feed her (well, Emily did the feeding, I sat and whistled to myself).
Here is Brenna in front of the ruins. Nevermind the moron and his kid that wouldn't get out of the way of a touching family picture.

And here again in front of the viewing ramada, opposite the ruins.

It was a rather warm day, in the low 80's, but all in all a good time.
Later that day we received news that our dog Tazi was diagnosed with diabetes. Emily spent the remainder of Friday at the vets, learning how to give him shots twice a day, and test his pee (hmmm, fun) for blood sugar content.
Although I have no pictures to prove it, Saturday I went with Emily's dad and nephew back to the Florence area (between Florence and Hayden) for some hiking and quail hunting (I did the hiking, they did the shooting). Later that day her dad and brother-in-law came over and grinded up some tree limbs in a chipper that was found at a garage sale a few weeks ago.
Sunday was spent going to Sunday School for the first time since Brenna was born, and working out in the yard, where believe it or not, bulbs I planted back in late October are starting to come up!
Emily has one more week at home before she goes back to work, and Turkey Day is almost upon us!

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