Tuesday, November 14, 2006

These Are Some Of My Favorite Things
(by Brenna)

- Riding in my shaky seat that plays music and has a bumble bee attached
- Riding in the car while Daddy plays loud music
- Dancing with Mommy while listening to loud music
- Going outside in the yard or riding in my stroller
- Laying in my crib watching my sheep go around and around and around and around

Here are some recent pictures, Daddy really likes this farmer outfit, I'm not too fond of it, matter of fact, I've pooped on it a time or two, hoping it'd get thrown out, but to no avail.

Here's a picture of me humoring Daddy while he poses with me in this outfit. I'm sooo happy to be wearing this.

I'm not sure what was so damn... um, darn funny here, but I was living La Vida Loca (I'm picking up some Spanish from the locals).

Someone must have been tickling me, or maybe I pooped on Mommy while she was changing me, that's the best, ha ha ha ha!

Finally, my first, I mean my last topless photo. I think my hair is starting to thin out, I'm sporting a widow's peak, I sure hope it grows back soon!


SpartanWife said...

Oh she is so cute! Em and Tom, do you have a blue eyed baby? Tom you absolutely amuse me with your comments, I can tell you are thrilled at being a Daddy :-)

Tom & Emily said...

Yep, she's blue eyed so far. We found out this past weekend that my biological mom has a lot of blue eyed folks in her family, so it's possible they might not change. Who knew! ~Tom