Friday, November 03, 2006


As an afterthought to Halloween, here are some somewhat fuzzy pictures of Brenna, Mama, and Tazi (the TEB in TEBOT, if you will), from that night. Brenna tolerated her duck outfit for about 15 minutes, so this was the best I could do given the circumstances! We ran out of candy within an hour of starting, so many bloody kids in this neighborhood and people come in here from elsewhere, you'd have to spend hundreds to keep them in the goods all night.

Sheila is coming out to visit Brenna tomorrow through Tuesday, I'll post pictures of that as the weekend progresses. We're hoping to all go to the Arboretum in Superior on Sunday, the first big outing for our wee little one, who by the way weighs around 10 pounds now!

By the way, Tazi is supposed to be a pig, he lasted in his outfit about as long as Brenna. And for those keeping score at home, I'm not pictured, but I was dressed as a concert goer, sporting shorts and a Mastodon t-shirt. Yep, I was in the festive spirit of the holiday.

Here's Brenna attempting to eat her hand. Sorry for the quality of the picture, there must have been a goblin in the camera at the time these were taken.

This is the beginning of the end of the duck costume. Brenna greeting maybe 10 trick-or-treaters before she had had enough.

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Darrick & Melanie said...

Yea! Babies and dogs in costumes! Ha ha ha ha. That duck outfit is the best.