Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Brenna!

Can you tell our lives revolve around our now 1-month old?

I could talk about how work has been going, how nice the weather's been, how our yard is doing (well, you could read about that in my gardening blog, actually), the state of the world, my favorite Mexican dish, etc, but this site has turned into a Brenna Blog, and rightfully so, I suppose.

After about a gazillion (or perhaps a few less than that) pictures, mom captured Brenna at her happiest today (keep scrolling for that).

The gas crisis, as I call it, has subsided in recent days, or mom is figuring out the best ways to sooth the savage Brenna beast. Not sure, but the last two evenings have been quiet, and today the crying and squaking have been mimimal.

Things that seem to quieten our little grrr-animal:

- car rides, preferably over 3rd world quality roads
- mom dancing to the Cherry Poppin Daddys (shall I recite the entire album for you?)
- leg exercises that dad performs on the toot-monster while she's in her crib
- the never-ending revolution of the three sheep over the crib
- sticking a boob in the screaming mouth (mom's, not mine)

And finally, what you came here for, HAPPY BRENNA (watching her sheep, no less)!

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Melanie said...

It's amazing how much she's changed in really small ways just looking over the photos in this blog. A tiny bit bigger, face a bit brighter, eyes wider, and look at that smile! Hope you all are regularly getting more sleep these days.