Thursday, February 23, 2012


Wow, nine days already since I last posted anything. That's pretty sad. I had aspirations of posting at least every other day, and here we are most of the way through February and I've maybe posted five or six this month. It's almost like I have a five year old and household chores to take care of daily, in addition to working occasionally.

This may be the first time in the history of blogdom that I have a leg up on the wife on pictures. This past Saturday I took the small child to the Ren Festival, and was looking to blog about that first, but saw the wife taking those shots off of my camera a few days ago, so I can assume that the world of Crackbook is well aware of our exploits on that fateful day.

But lo, unbeknownst to her (at least I think), I uploaded my Brenna and Daddy zoo pictures to my netbook, free from the clutches of Crackbook. What I'm referring to here was a school field trip last Thursday that I was volunteered to go along as a supervising adult. I had Brenna and one other girl for the day, and after I obtain permission from the wife to do so, in my next blog I'll post some pictures of Brenna and this friend (who were connected at the hip) and what they did and saw at the aforementioned zoo.

In the meantime, here are some non-Brenna related pictures of the animals we saw. The two little girls refused to walk very far on their own, so we stayed in one particular area of the zoo, but I managed to take a few shots (and yes, I kept an eye on them, as well).

Since the weather is nice, and we were there first thing in the morning, the animals were all very active, which was cool.

The first one we saw was the elephants having breakfast.

The desert tortoise was at the front of his exhibit, and moving around, which was also pretty neat.

The iguana was sunning himself when we passed by his abode.

In the sun bear exhibit, we got an upclose look at this nasty looking fellow. I think he's a piranha.

Here's a lady feeding some cranes. These are my favorite birds at the zoo, sorry they're so far off you can't really see what they look like.

In the same water exhibit were some flamingoes.

We managed to catch one of the sun bears up close and personal, as well. That was a special treat that both girls really enjoyed.

Another treat was getting to watch the bald eagles while the two girls played some bear eating human game in a tunnel that was nearby.

We also walked through monkey village. Brenna took a stab at taking a picture of one of these fast moving monkeys, and caught the ass end of one here. Nicely focused, though.

Here's another shot of the same monkey, hanging out nearby.

And I would be remiss in not posting this shot of the orangutans playing in their exhibit. This was our final stop before I had to drag the two children back to the front gate.


Anonymous said...

Your commentary is the best part, I'm sure you can come up with plenty to say about the ren fair. Doesn't matter if I put pics on crackbook or not. :-)

Hmm, I dunno about the other pics. I always hesitate posting pictures of random children. I'd try to avoid it.

The E in TEBOT

Tom, Emily, Brenna said...

No worries, I took care of that.

The T in TEBOT