Monday, February 06, 2012

Fair Warning

1. I'm blogging on the crappy, possessed laptop
2. I only have minutes to complete this speed-blog before the family gets home, and I currently have nothing planned for dinner
3. I have no new photos to post from mine or Emily's camera
4. I'm months behind on emailing myself my pictures off my phone, so I'm presenting today some oldies that I'm just now unzipping off the aforementioned crappy laptop

It actually rains every now and again around here. Most recently back in December. Here's the evidence. December was a good month for rainbows, doubles even .

Our child likes to post with statues and other inanimate objects.

Here she is at Hobby Lobby back around November asking to be photographed with this scarecrow. Yes, it's warm enough at Thanksgiving here to send our kid to school in a shirt and short sleeve shirt.

Fast forward to Old Navy in December, posing with two different mannequins.

I swear I think she's holding this one's hand.

And here's the last mannequin. No, wait, it's Rachel! This was at a recent play of hers. I think the child had a cough at the time, and the lollipop was to sooth the savage beast (the cough, not the child) during the performance.

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