Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Take Two

I was nearly finished with this blog yesterday when our home laptop decided to delete everything I had typed to that point. To make matters worse, for some reason the blog site wasn't auto saving my post as I was going along, so I was left with nothing to show for my time. In my disgust, I placed the laptop in the trash can for the remainder of the afternoon so it could think about what it had done.

I will do my best to recreate what I had commented on yesterday. As I recall, I made some witty comments about having not blogged in a week, due to spending the weekend with Brenna while Emily was at the festival, but not being sure where the other four or five days had gone.

I then redirected you, the two or three blog followers, to the these pictures of Emily giving me a mohawk, and made some additional witty comments about her enjoyment in doing creative hair sculpting whilst shaving my luscious locks down to near baldness that I am now. I also commented on the photo I had posted last time of my mutton chops, when I was testing out the Civil War general look whilst shaving down my scraggly beard. I finally asked you, the two or three devoted followers, to comment on your preference, Civil War mutton chops, or White Bread Mr. T mohawk. As I'm not travelling for work again until June, I may get bored enough to rock of the two looks until that time.

Ok, this is the point where the other laptop (which, by the way, I'm never using again) crapped on me.

The brother-in-law and I are going to see Van Halen in June. I haven't seen them in concert since 1992 and have never seen them with David Lee Roth, so it should be interesting, especially considering how good their new album is. I'm stating on record now that I'll be shocked if this thing doesn't win a Grammy next year for best rock album of 2012. There, I said it.

Back in 1992 I think I paid maybe thirty bucks to go to that show. My, how times have changed. This was my birthday, Father's Day and National Mutton Chops Day present, combined, I'm thinking. To my credit, I was talked into spending this money. Short of maybe seeing Jimi Hendrix rise from the dead, I don't think anyone is worth paying this kind of money to see in person.

By the way, don't ever buy these. Emily and I were looking for a healthy alternative for snack bars, and invested a substantial amount of money in a box of these from COSCO. They're aweful. They come in three favors, Rotting Ape Carcass (Banana Nut Crunch), Dirty Sock (Chocolate Covered Pretzel), and Peanut Butter Flavored Sheetrock. The last one is tolerable, the other two, at least if I have any say in it, will be collecting dust in the pantry, or become bird food.

Our small child is still enjoying swimming, now that she's reunited with Joey from Dawson's Creek. I took a few semi-action shots with the camera phone a few weeks ago, and here you can see the child displaying impeccable form in her backstroke.

Here she is hanging out, waiting her next turn with the instructor.

And here she is doing her best hidden dragon, crouching tiger impression. Sponge Bob is enthralled.

And without further ado, and keeping with the complete randomness that is today's blog post, I present to you Uni-Bill. Uni-Bill is getting married in June, and although because of a work trip, I will be unable to attend, we'll be heading to the misty mountains in April to pay our respects. Uni-Bill will be the father to a one or two-month old by then, so it should be an exciting time for all involved.

Finally, since I'm using the netbook for this post, spell check doesn't work for some reason, so I apologize for my fifth grade level abilities in that regards. At least I was able to make it through this post without any keyboard shenanigans.

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Anonymous said...

I vote for chops. Or, the Victor from House of Anubis fame. Would I get to dye the hawk? That would push my vote to hawk PLUS chops.

The E in Tebot