Tuesday, February 07, 2012

More Santa Fe

The small child is on the couch with an ear that hurts, eating chocolate graham crackers and watching TV while the wife is napping. We're heading to the doctor soon, but don't worry, the small child is still singing along to the commercials, so she's feeling fine.

While I have a few minutes, here are a few more shots from our Santa Fe trip, these from my cell phone.

Here is Brenna at a cool restaurant we stumbled upon in Pecos, close to the national park we visited. She enjoyed some tasty cheese roll ups. Their key lime pie was tasty, but very tart.

They had oodles of insects behind glass at the aforementioned children's museum. Here are a few shots of the cases. Lots of butterflies in the first, and huge spiders in the second.

Finally, a shot of the indoor pool of death. I say that as we saw three different people fall on their who-ha's, just strolling along, minding their manners. The coating on the deck apparently turned to ice when wet, not the safest thing in the world.

More coherent blogs to follow when I have more than sixty seconds.


Anonymous said...

That last picture still makes me LOL. I sorta dig the chops. This post also reminds me to write the hotel about the indoor pool of death.

-The E in TEBOT

Tom, Emily, Brenna said...

If you like them that much I'll grow them back... until I leave for Wyoming in June.

- The 1st T in TEBOT