Sunday, October 17, 2010

Desperately Seeking Good Pictures At A Cookout

Last night our little family drove up to Canyon Lake to join Emily's family for a cookout. While everyone else stayed on for some camping fun, we headed back to be ready for our trip to the arboretum this morning.

Apologies to grandma Becky, who has managed to provide for some good photo-ops on this occasion, including demonstrating here what a wall-eyed fit is. I wasn't terribly familiar with this expression, but in return I shared the old opossum running over my grave tonight, so the cultural exchange continues in grand fashion.

Two out of three campers agree that posing normally for a picture is boring, and oh so uncool. Get with the program, Uncle John.

This is how you do it. Besides Emily, and again Uncle John, no one in this picture is much in their right mind. There are enough gems like this to post a part two to this installment, and I might just have to do that at a later time, for kicks. This one should go in a gold frame over the mantle, right next to the Billy The Bass singing Freebird.

The sheer contrast of a sweet four year expression in the foreground with hot dog spearing in the background earns this picture a spot in this post.

Someone needs to show this young man how to properly consume campground food.

Rachel doing her best Don Knots impression.

Here's a shot of grandma Becky rustling the snipes out from behind her camp chair. Apparently the radioactive strips on the front weren't enough to deter the little buggers.

One more for the road, with ketchup in the side pocket.

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