Saturday, October 16, 2010


We made it to the fourth birthday. And I'm only two plus weeks behind in posting about it. Don't worry, it'll get worse once I leave town again for work. And if I keep dealing with this ridiculous keyboard on our laptop, my witty commentary may be whittled down to spare me the inclination of tossing this thing through the office window out of frustration. Arrgh! Angry pirate!

The birthday girl is sporting in this first picture a nice shirt given to her by grandma and grandpa of the east coast persuasion. Grandpa of the west coast persuasion is looking on in the background, no doubt enthralled.

Ooooh! Look at that, another four pair of shoes to go with the forty she has now! No, seriously, like any other girl, you can't have enough of these things. And I have no room to talk with the endless line of Chuck Taylors I have in my closet. Moving on....
Here we see the pretty girl surrounded by the carnage of opened presents. She seems pleased with her haul.

What a great shot here of the small child blowing out her birthday candle. Whoever took this picture should be awarded with some sort of financial compensation, paid by money order or cashiers check. And what a damn fine cake this was. Emily has the egg less cake thing down like a science.

A well deserved hug for the fantastic cake making.

Brenna was given a gift card to Build A Bear by the aforementioned grandparents of the east coast persuasion, and below is what she came home with. I think the bear's name is Sparkleheart Sugarpants, or something similar. The child has a name for everything in our house, probably including the appliances, and I get confused in my old age. Whatever the case, if you push the bear's shoe, it repeats a dozen or so recorded messages, and has an English/Spanish translation included, which is handy for communication with our neighbors.

And finally, because it makes absolutely no sense to include this here, I present to you our small child in her underpants holding up a bird in a dress.

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