Sunday, October 17, 2010

Born Into This

Fair warning, as you scroll through this blog about our recent trip to the arboretum, please keep a scrollin'. You'll find two more new posts directly below this one, and I'd hate for you to miss out on any of my feeble attempts to be witty and humorous.

I've been instructed by the shift boss that posting last names here is akin to pooping on the White House lawn, so I'll be referring to my cousin and her family going forward as the M&D company.
Emily took a number of great pictures from our get together, below is a sampling for your viewing pleasure.
Here is shot of some of us already seeking out shade early on. It probably wasn't over 90 degrees today, but in the sun it felt a little worse. All in all, we did well, making it around the main loop and seeing the more interesting sights.
This picture was brought to you by The Cult, The Atlanta Falcons, and mad props to cool Chuck Taylors and prickly pear lollipops.

Catching Brenna and Alexander in the same frame was a bit like herding cats, but Emily caught them here jumping around the sundial.

This pose never gets old, and Brenna never gets tired of joining me in the festivities.

Here is the M&D company strolling along the main trail.

Perhaps embarrassed by their parents, the two small children start to distance themselves from us. I don't blame them, we're quite honestly and certifiably insane.

Case in point. Darrick is seen here trying to determine the whereabouts of the nuts falling from overhead while we were strolling through the herb garden. Turns out it was a squirrel.

Or was it? There seems to be evidence in this picture that it may have been aliens. The light from overhead and the small child's expression would seem to support this.

After all of that excitement, it seemed only logical to sit tight and wait for the arboretum tram to come around and cart us back to the parking lot. No wait, that's the zoo. Damn.

In a last ditch effort to get a picture of the two wild animals in the same shot, Emily is seen here wrangling them onto a bench together. They both look so pleased to be sitting with her.

Brenna spent some time during lunch visiting with her newest cousin.

After uploading this adorable picture, I thought briefly about us having a second child. Briefly. Very briefly. M&D company, it was a pleasure seeing you again today. We hate to see you leave the fine state of Arizona, but wish you well as you move back north.


Melanie said...

You guys got some great photos! I certainly don't mind if you use our last name. Our blog name does.

I'm so glad we had the chance to get together. Alexander really enjoyed running around with Brenna. And just running around in general. And running. And running.

Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

We enjoyed it as well. Sorry for taking forever to publish your comment, had to wade through all the spam pushing Viagra and Swedish hookers.