Sunday, April 25, 2010

Barely There

The child just came in to me and said something in her incoherent gibberish langauge, and then wrapped it up with "and that's all I have to share with you". Yes, my thoughts exactly for this past week of non-posting. I'm getting ready to spend a week in New Jersey for work, with another trip to Wichita shortly thereafter. I'm digging deep these days for the Lord to grant me the serenity needed not to completely lose my mind with stress over two major projects coming one after the other, with a number of other things to wrap up right behind that. I'm doing better this go around, compared to my trip to San Francisco last November. Despite how bad I was expecting that one to be, God showed me that things work out if you leave it with Him, so I'm making more of an effort this go around to follow suit, and so far so good. God first, family second, work third, those are the Biblical priorities, and that sounds pretty good to me.

No pictures to share at this point, although the small child has been entertaining as usual. Tonight, she was entertaining us with impresions of various animals, including the normal ones like dogs, cats, and the like. She graduated to polar bears, lions, turtles, and a pretty sweet waddling penguin. Her encore was an aligator snapping robot that dispensed candy out of its head, perhaps like a Pez dispenser. It goes on from there. Hopefully before I leave town this Saturday, I'll upload some shots from around the yard to the completely neglected Hoes blog.

Until then.

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