Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Day At The Farm

It took me a while to remember how to post a blog here, complete with pictures. All of the steps involved slowly came back to me, like resizing the pictures so they're not enormous when viewed, uploading them in the reverse order you want them displayed in your post, etc. In actuality, a bit of a pain, but I refuse to conform to the utter laziness of uploading enless photos with three word descriptions on Facebook. That site has it's place in the world, but not for blogging, and I will do my best to find the time to keep this site alive, God help us all.

The following is a photo log of our past two weekends.

Last weekend didn't get off to a very good start, as we discovered this grizzly accident in the bedroom, first thing on Saturday morning. A terribly crime, indeed, but all have to move on.

Brenna spent some time blowing bubbles with her favorite cousin last weekend. Fun was had by all.

Afterwards, or perhaps before, cookies were made and enjoyed by all. Cousin Rachel is perhaps unsure of the process, or maybe caught completely off guard by the picture taker, whomever that was. I dig Brenna's shirt, all of them should be an homage to her father, in my humble opinion.

Mmmm, cookies.

The first fashion statement of the Spring, matching hat with dress and shoes. The small child was running after a ball in this picture, perhaps a soccer uniform... if you're in the Swiss Alps.

And this weekend, another nice outfit. Brenna is seen hear serving up some "ice cream" for me as I'm taking her picture.

After numerous mediocre shots, Brenna graces me with her presence one final time for the best picture of the day, in my opinion.

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