Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekend Is Here

I'm very thankful the weekend is here. Work was rough this week, and will only get worse leading up to my trip to South Carolina in early June, but we have the next few days to look forward to. I think we're going to do something outdoors with the rest of Emily's family tomorrow, since it's supposed to be cloudy and barely 80, just not sure what that something is at this point. But rest assured, if we have our camera in tow, you'll know about it in a future blog.

I don't recall posting this picture before, if I have, a thousand pardons. Brenna really enjoyed playing with some Play Doh animals that Emily made for her the other day, and here she is showing one of them off. I think she's holding a mouse. Or a marmoset, not sure.

Tonight while watching her new Disney Sing A-Long DVD, Brenna asked to be dressed like a princess. Here is what Emily came up with, a nice little dress that she says her grandmother made for her when she was Brenna's age. Brenna was pleased.
On a final, totally random note, when Brenna got home this afternoon, she went straight to her easel, and began drawing what looked like a box of odd proportions. When asked what she was drawing, she replied (something to the effect of), "I'm making Donna a house before she comes to the party". In talking to Emily, Brenna was apparently referring to the main character in the movie, "Mama Mia". Later in the afternoon, Brenna picked up Donna and Sophie (another character in said movie), and was carrying them around in her hand, I'm assuming taking them to said party. Imaginations run amok around here these days.

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