Thursday, April 16, 2009

Brenna's Room

Emily cleaned out Brenna's room recently, moving the glider out, and moving in some new storage. She also thinned out large quantities of toys that Brenna said could go to a little baby. Our next/eventual step is to get a larger bed for the child, and get her up off the floor.

No new Brenna pictures at the moment, I had a fun night with her while Emily was away at a church meeting, but didn't think about taking any pictures. We colored on the couch, watched Wow Wow Wubzy on her DVD player, played Dollar Store in her room (exchanging imaginary dollars for crayons, she was putting these dollars in what she called a money bag), and catch with her Arizona Diamondbacks ball and bat. For now she's treating this little padded bat as a golf club, holding it upside down and whacking her little ball around the floor. Tonight she managed to roll it under the oven, and we found many a lost treasure under there when I went to retrieve it. She's getting pretty good with throwing as well, and can catch if she holds her arms close together, and I hit her square in the chest. She has just as much fun catching it as she does missing it and running after it to throw it back to me.

Oh yes, before I forget, Brenna pulled a fast one on me tonight. While playing in her room, she was jumping on her mattress and I was watching her with my back turned to the hallway. Right in the middle of jumping, she stopped suddenly, looked past me and yelled, "Hi mama!". I wheeled around, thinking Emily had gotten home from her meeting, and there was no one there. Brenna, seeing me do this started laughing like crazy. That wiley girl, she's indeed tricky.

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