Monday, April 20, 2009

Hack Hack

This past weekend started off well enough. On Saturday we had family over for a cookout. Brenna enjoyed spending some time picking her nose with her cousin, and enjoying good conversation and snacks.

Then that night she woke up hacking, and is still coughing a good bit today. The last two nights have been very short on decent sleep. Matter of fact, last night Brenna came to bed with us, and I woke up at some point getting punched in the face. Emily got the other end of the child (kicking, thrashing, etc). At any rate, despite the rough evenings, there have been some bright spots in between, including:
- Rediscovering her Tigger that she got from Uncle Bill two Christmas' ago

- Realizing how cool her National Park blocks are when they're stacked up at the same time (on the side she's checking out, from bottom to top they show the changing landscape of Arizona from the desert floor to the mountains up north)

- Playing at the park across the street, going down the slide with Daddy

- Rocking the teeter totter with Daddy

- And finally, playing with some animals Emily made out of Plah Doh

Tonight, Brenna saw a baby at Target that she wanted, but we left it behind. As a way to bargain for some potty training, we told her that she could have the baby if she did her thing. After sitting on her little box with a hole in it for over an hour (including at one point asking Emily to squeeze her so she could go), she finally did her thing, and we went back to Target for her reward. Granted, we sure as hell won't be doing that every time the kid does her business, but we thought it was a good start to her doing this with some regularity.

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