Monday, March 30, 2009

The Wonderful World Of Brenna

A couple of drawings for you, taking a break from the Florida blogs (oh, don't worry, I can milk that one for some time to come).

This first one, Brenna told me was a dragon. A happy one, no doubt.

And this one she told me was a penguin.

Here is a recent shot of Brenna getting comfortable on the couch in an unorthodox manner, pulling the couch cushions over her. She also likes to make a lane between the back of the couch and the cushions and wade along, singing a "swiming in the water" song that she made up.

And a final shot, a self portrait.
A few of Brenna's recent phrases:
"I'm gonna shut you down " - No clue where she got this one, it's funny until she starts being mean about it, then she spends some alone time in the corner.
"I'm gonna throw you in the tub like a hooligan" - Said to me when I was giving her a bath the other night.
There are numerous others, after Emily has read this, I'm sure she'll have some more to add. Funny child.


grandma Becky said...

Today I was talking to Em and Beth about a troubling situation. I was discussing possible courses of action when Brenna spoke up: "Well, that's not going to work." She is probably correct, too.

Sue said...

I suspect she is training to become a computer and just in time to shut us all down on April 1

Emily said...

She's also told me recently that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. And she predicts the weather with pretty good accuracy. We're alternating between being proud and very, very afraid! :-)